A Smart Chatbot for Smart Events

Sava platform lets you launch an event chatbot on your attendees’ preferred messaging platform. Whether it's Facebook Messenger, Kik, Telegram, or Slack, you’ll meet your attendees where they are so no one is left out of the conversation.

Launch Your Own Event Chatbot

An event chatbot is an instantly accessible, lightweight tool your attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors will love to use. There’s nothing for them to download or install which makes it perfect for the fast-paced conference environment. They’ll get all the event info they need on-demand, right from the messaging app they already use daily.

Experience Sava chatbot as an event attendee

Chat on Messenger

Help Everyone Stay Connected & Organized

Leverage Sava platform to enable more engaging, personalized, and contextually relevant interactions with your attendees at scale. Answer your attendees’ questions instantly via a simple chat interface with no human intervention!

Our powerful API lets you implement any conversational use case. Your event chatbot can help attendees navigate conference sessions, provide speaker info, suggest relevant talks, handle questions automatically, and so much more.

Want to experience our chatbot as an event attendee?
Sava demo bot is available to chat on Facebook Messenger 24/7.

Chat on Messenger

Manage Your Agenda

Build an event chatbot that can help you manage everything from small single day event to multi-day conferences with numerous tracks.

Keep Your Attendees Updated

Keep attendees up-to-date on everything that’s happening during your event. Your event chatbot can inform them about sudden changes in schedule, speaker cancellations, or room switches.

Involve Your Audience

Encourage attendees to voice their opinion through feedback and Q&A. Your chatbot can ask them to rate sessions and speakers, or launch polls on the relevant topics.


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