White-labeled mobile app

With Sava platform, you can create a branded event mobile application that delivers personalized in-app experiences and provides access to your event agenda, speaker profiles, and session details.

Native event app for iOS and Android

Mobile event apps are the connective tissue between your event content and it’s intended audience, keeping everybody informed, engaged and connected. Our event technology platform enables you to easily build beautiful, secure, and scalable apps for events and conferences of any size.


An easy to-use agenda

Provide attendees with the most convenient way to access your event schedule and get the information they need about talks and topics that interest them.


Speaker Profiles

Create profiles for speakers complete with images, descriptions, and social media links.


Activity Feed

Enable your attendees to engage with each other by posting status updates, photos, comments, check-ins, and more, on a public feed within your event app.


Personalized Agendas

Help attendees get the most out of your event by letting them plan their own personal agenda. They can add or remove sessions to easily filter the most relevant content.


Real-Time Updates

Last minute schedule and content changes are impossible to avoid. Easily update content through Sava dashboard and all changes will automatically reflect in the app.


Easy customization

Easily change colors, fonts, and images so your event app stays on brand.


Push Notifications

Share last-minute updates, important news or reminders with a quick and easy push notification. Native apps allow you to create custom messages and send them to all attendees or specific groups at any time.

Want an app fully-customized for your event?

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