In-Venue Signage

Give your attendees the opportunity to feel connected and to fully participate in the event. Provide them with tools to keep them engaged with your event's content and enable them to share their opinions.

Digital Signage Solutions

Your event is a story best told if both "real world" and digital experiences are aligned, placing the attendee at the center of it all. Sava platform’s in-venue solutions extend your event message from the web and mobile apps to digital signs around your venue, enabling you to display live event content and tell a cohesive story that creates rich, memorable experiences.

Live Audience Response Tool

Q&A Sessions

Drive audience participation and increase in-session engagement with live speaker Q&A. Attendees can ask questions in their event app and you can display them on the big screens automatically via Sava widget.

Live Polls

Get everyone involved and find out what they’re thinking by polling attendees in real-time on the most relevant topics. Automatically share the results with your audience on the digital signage displays.

Speaker Rating

Give attendees the option to rate sessions and speakers and display the results so speakers can see how their talks were perceived.

Grow sponsorship revenue

Digital signage is a dynamic and engaging way to communicate information to your attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. Since the content is not static, you can allocate the time for displaying sponsored content.

Regardless of the size of your event, you’ll have sponsors that add relevance and value. Digital signage displays around your venue offer a great opportunity to feature sponsored content and generate additional revenue.

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